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The Complete Marketing Collection For Dance Studios!


If you are showing up to meet with your local dance studio with a blank order form and your smile or you are showing up for photo day without any kind of setup display then you are going to lose your business. That is a fact!

When it comes to business today the way you look, the professional appearance of your marketing materials, and the way your order forms help your parents make buying decisions are the most important part of your company if you want to be a success.

Because of this alarming fact we have created this new marketing collection of Photoshop templates specifically for dance studios! With this marketing kit you can transform your bland and boring brand to an eye-catching, studio impressing and customer engaging experience at the studio meetings and on photo day!


What are the Inclusions?

Marketing Mailer

Layer 3 - Psu Education

12 Page Dance Photo Day Playbook

12 Pages in Photoshop Format allowing you to change information and photos to customize it to your needs. This is the perfect way to show any studio what you do and how you do it. The customers that use this in their presentation automatically have an advantage over their competitors.

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Double Sided Order Form

You can't take an order without an order form!  This two-sided 8.5×11 order form is perfect for taking orders from everything you see in this collection!

You can edit this form just like everything else because it is also a photoshop template!


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4 Page Product Catalog

With this amazing 4 page, Full-color product flyer you can hand these out to your dance 

students prior to photo day to get them excited about photo day or you can use it as a sales piece on sales day with your dance studios.

Each page in this flyer is an independent Photoshop template which allows you to change the colors to your own brand, switch out or move images and edit the text within Photoshop to create a unique piece for your studio.  

Layer 5 - Psu Education

Photo Day Is Coming Posters & Flyers

Get the word out at your dance studios with these posters and flyers that can be placed at the studio to remind people about photo day or passed out as flyers!

• 20×30 Photo Day Is Coming Poster

• 11×14 Photo Day Is Coming Poster

• 8.5×11 Photo Day Is Coming Flyer

Layer 7 - Psu Education

Post Card Mailer Templates

It all starts with a post card sometimes!  We have designed 5 different sized post cards that come with both the front and back template that you can customize to be your business brand.  These post cards are a great way to get in front of your studios in your area before you contact them…..and they might just contact you first! These cards can be printed by

  • 1 – 4.25×5.6 Post Card Template
  • 1 – 4×6 Post Card Template
  • 1 – 4×9 Post Card Template
  • 1 – 5×8 Post Card Template
  • 1 – 6×11 Post Card Template
Layer 8 - Psu Education

Facebook Cover Template

Get your Dance Studio involved on social media by giving them a facebook cover they can put on their facebook page to let their students and parents know that photo day is coming!

Backdrop & Set Up Items

Layer 3 Image@2X 1 - Psu Education

8x10 Meeting Backdrop

With this 8×10 Backdrop you will set yourself apart from the other presenters for sure!  These pull up banners are specifically designed to enhance your appearance at your next studio meeting or photo day setup!

Layer 4 Image@2X 1 - Psu Education

Studio Meeting Pull Up Banners

Having a great display at your event or during a meeting with your potential martial arts studio is as easy as pulling up a banner!  These pull up banner templates can be printed by PSM HYPE.



Layer 6 Image@2X 1 - Psu Education

Stage Series Poster Pull Up Banners

With these banner stands you will set yourself apart from the other presenters for sure!  This set of pull up banner templates are specific to the products that you probably already offer from Photo Solutions! Each Pull Up Banner is designed to show the Stage Series Designs

  • Extraction Poster Pull Up Banner Template
  • Drop-In Poster Pull Up Banner Template
  • Panoramic Poster Pull Up Banner Template
  • Vertical Poster Pull Up Banner Template
Layer 5 Image@2X 1 - Psu Education

Pick A Pose Banner Stand Templates

Are you tired of the same old pose?  Does it take your photographers or dancers take too long to figure out what special pose to do?  Well, the Pick A Pose Banner stand is your answer!  You can order these from PSM HYPE or they can be modified to fit any other pull up banner printing place by just adjusting the template to fit the dimensions needed at your printer!

Layer 7 Image@2X 1 - Psu Education

10x20 Dance Backdrop Designs

With this product, you get 7 Photo Day Graphics that can be printed up to 10'x20′ in size.  These are not editable templates, only images that can be printed at any background 

producer or used as green screen backgrounds to do digital background replacements! (Some cropping may be required for using it as a green screen background replacement file)


Layer 8 Image@2X 1 - Psu Education

Dance Table Cloth

Are you using boring old white tables at your dance photo shoots?  STOP!  

Get these amazing and colorful tablecloths adjusted to your company brand and display them with pride on photo day!    Print these at PSM HYPE!

  • 1 – 90×138 Tablecloth Template
  • 1 – 90×160 Tablecloth Template

Custom Templates & More!

Layer 3 Image@2X 2 - Psu Education

8"x10" Multi-Pose Drop In Composites (5 Total)

We have also included 5 Multi-Pose Drop In composites that allow you to drop your image onto the photoshop designs to create quick and easy composites!  

Each design is a multi-layered Photoshop file and the frames are floating which gives you the ability to move the frames, remove frames or add more if needed quickly!

Layer 4 Image@2X 2 - Psu Education

10"x20" Multi-Pose Drop In Composites (3 Total)

We have also included 3 Multi-Pose Drop In composites that allow you to drop your image onto the photoshop designs to create quick and easy composites!  

Each design is a multi-layered Photoshop file and the frames are floating which gives you the ability to move the frames, remove frames or add more if needed quickly!


Layer 5 Image@2X 2 - Psu Education

20x24 Dance Studio Class Composites (7 Total)

These templates are designed to match the Stage Series template collection and are a great start for getting your class composites completed!  Each frame is floating so you can take away frames or add more frames if you need more in your final composite!  Each design matches the Stage Series Poster designs so they are a great compliment to your Stage Series Collection

Layer 6 Image@2X 2 - Psu Education

DancePRESS Cover Templates (8 Total)

You get a total of 8 Unique DancePRESS magazine covers with this package.  4 Grey Pattern Templates and 4 designs from the Stage Series collection of designs.


If you don't know what SportsPRESS is yet you need to get with today!  It will change the way you deliver your photos!


• 4 Grey Pattern 8.5×11 300DPI DancePRESS Cover Templates

• 4 Stage Series Themed 8.5×11 300DPI DancePRESS Cover Templates

Layer 8 Image@2X 2 - Psu Education

Studio Folder Template

Wrap it all up in a very professional looking cardboard pocket folder that you can present to your dance studio representatives!

1 Front Cover (layered Tiff Photoshop File)

2 Inside Pages (layered Tiff Photoshop Files)

1 Back Cover (layered Tiff Photoshop File)


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Step-By-Step Video Tutorials Included

To drive the growth of your sports photography business, you need a customized approach that goes beyond generic marketing and support solutions. The activities, outcomes, and mindset required for success are distinct.

In our comprehensive training videos, we will guide you through each step of the process, providing detailed explanations and actionable strategies tailored to that specific market.

With these course and all the the done for your marketing and support and material, you'll be able to hit your  goals, whatever those may be.

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