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If you are showing up to board meetings with a blank order form and your smile or you are showing up for photo day without any kind of setup display then you are going to lose your business. That is a fact!

When it comes to business today the way you look, the professional appearance of your marketing materials, and the way your order forms help your parents make buying decisions are the most important part of your company if you want to be a success.

Because of this alarming fact we have updated and overhauled our Ultimate Marketing to an amazing level! With this marketing kit you can transform your bland and boring brand to an eye catching, team & school impressing and customer engaging experience at the board meetings and on photo day!


What are the Inclusions?

Marketing Materials

12 Page Photo Day Playbook - Psu Education

12 Page Photo Day Playbook

12 Pages in Photoshop Format allowing you to change information and photos to customize it to your needs. This is the perfect way to show any studio what you do and how you do it. The customers that use this in their presentation automatically have an advantage over their competitors.
Studio Proposal Contract - Psu Education

Studio Proposal & Contract

This studio proposal is a huge key to your success! Having a lined out and well put together photo day proposal in vital to your success in booking a studio! This 11 Page set of individual Photoshop templates will allow you to adjust what we have put together to create your own proposal and contract!
Custom Product Order Forms - Psu Education

Custom Product Order Forms

Are you trying to sell custom products and you just don't know why they are not moving? Maybe it's because you don't have a professional order form for those
products! We have developed order forms specific to some of the most popular photo day items from Photo Solutions.

  • Custom Extraction Poster Order Form
  • Custom Drop In Poster Order Form
11X17 Order Form Envelope​ - Psu Education

11x17 Order Form Envelope

With this order form, you will have one of the most impressive order forms in the industry! It's large layout of 11×17 when opened up gives your customers a larger picture of the products that you have to offer and with all of the abilities, you have to change it to be your own photo day payment envelope you can be sure to increase your sales on photo day!
Sportspress Materials​ - Psu Education

SportsPress Materials

With these flyers, you can supply your studio with the marketing material power they need to get their sponsors excited to be a part of the Sports Press program and get advertisements to raise a lot of money for their studio!

Each Brocure includes:

  • 1 Front Cover (layered Tiff Photoshop File)
  • 2 Inside Pages (layered Tiff Photoshop Files)
  • 1 Back Cover (layered Tiff Photoshop File)
Studio Promotional Folder - Psu Education

Studio Promotional Folder

Wrap it all up in a very professional looking cardboard pocket folder that you can present to your martial arts studio representatives! This entire template is setup as photoshop files so that you can brand it to be your own, change colors, text and images.

If you bring this to your next studio meeting you are sure to get their attention!

Pull-Up Banners

Studio Pull Up Banners - Psu Education

Studio Pull Up Banners

Having a great display at your event or during a meeting with your potential martial arts studio is as easy as pulling up a banner! These pull up banner templates can be printed by PSM HYPE!
Studio Meeting Backdrop - Psu Education

Studio Meeting Backdrop

With this 8×10 Backdrop, you will set yourself apart from the other presenters for sure! These pull up banners are specifically designed to enhance your appearance at your next studio meeting or photo day setup!

Pick A Pose Banner Stands 1 - Psu Education

Pick-A-Pose Banner Stands

Are you tired of the same old pose? Does it take your photographers or athletes too long to figure out what special pose to do? Well, the Pick A Pose Banner stand is your answer! This banner stand has been designed to fit the banner stands at PSM HYPE but can be modified to fit any other pull up banner printing place by just adjusting the template to fit the dimensions needed at your printer!

Post Card Mailers - Psu Education

Post Card Mailers

It all starts with a post card sometimes! We have designed 5 different sized post cards that come with both the front and back template that you can customize to be your business brand. These post cards are a great way to get in front of your studios in your area before you contact them…..and they might just contact you first! These cards can be printed by

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Step-By-Step Video Tutorials Included

To drive the growth of your sports photography business, you need a customized approach that goes beyond generic marketing and support solutions. The activities, outcomes, and mindset required for success are distinct.

In our comprehensive training videos, we will guide you through each step of the process, providing detailed explanations and actionable strategies tailored to that specific market.

With these course and all the the done for your marketing and support and material, you'll be able to hit your  goals, whatever those may be.

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