The Complete Marketing Collection For Preschools!

If you are showing up to meet with your local preschool with a blank order form and your smile or you are showing up for photo day without any kind of setup display then you are going to lose your business. That is a fact!

When it comes to business today the way you look, the professional appearance of your marketing materials, and the way your order forms help your parents make buying decisions are the most important part of your company if you want to be a success.

Because of this alarming fact we have created this new marketing collection of Photoshop templates specifically for schools! With this marketing kit you can transform your bland and boring brand to an eye-catching, school impressing and customer engaging experience at the school meetings and on photo day!

Marketing Materials

8 Page Photo Day Playbook

8 Pages in Photoshop Format allowing you to change information and photos to customize it to your needs. This is the perfect way to show any school what you do and how you do it. The customers that use this in their presentation automatically have an advantage over their competitors.

11x17 Photo Day Envelope

With this order form, you will have one of the most impressive order forms in the industry! It's large layout of 11×17 when opened up gives your customers a larger picture of the products that you have to offer and with all of the abilities, you have to change it to be your own photo day payment envelope you can be sure to increase your sales on photo day!


Post Card Mailers

It all starts with a postcard sometimes!  We have designed 5 different sized postcards that come with both the front and back template that you can customize to be your business brand.  These postcards are a great way to get in front of your preschools in your area before you contact them and they might just contact you first! These cards can be printed by www.ddlab.net • 1 – 4.25×5.6 Post Card Template

• 1 – 4×6 Post Card Template

• 1 – 4×9 Post Card Template

• 1 – 5×8 Post Card Template

• 1 – 6×11 Post Card Template

Facebook Cover Template

Get your Preschool involved on social media by giving them a facebook cover they can put on their facebook page to let their students and parents know that photo day is coming!

PreSchool Marketing Folder

Wrap it all up in a very professional looking cardboard pocket folder that you can present to your preschool representatives!


Photo Day & Meeting Pull Up Banner

Bring these pull-up banners to your next meeting with your preschool or use them on photo day! We have included a “Photo Day Is Coming” pull up banner that you can place at the school to remind the parents when they pick up their kids that photo day is coming up!

You get 6 Pull Up banner templates that help you walk your clients through your entire photo process!• Why Choose Us

• Fall Portraits

• Graduation Photos

• Seasonal Portraits

• Fun Graphics

• Save The Date

Table Throw Templates

Dress Up Your Photo Day Table to Impress!

Are you using boring old white tables at your school photo shoots?  STOP!  

Get these amazing and colorful tablecloths adjusted to your company brand and display them with pride on photo day!    Print these at PSM Hype!

This entire template set is setup as Photoshop files so that you can brand it to be your own, change colors, text and images.

Product Details:

1 – 90×138 Tablecloth Template

1 – 90×160 Tablecloth Template

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Step=By-Step Video Tutorial Included

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