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The Complete Marketing Collection For All-Stars!

Take Your All-Star & Travel Ball Photography To The Next Level! One of the most untapped markets in youth sports photography is the youth All-Star & Travel baseball and softball teams. These are not recreation league teams and function  completely different. Because of this fact, we have tailored a brand new marketing collection to help you get in front of these teams, impress them and assist you through the selling process! The All-Star & Travel Ball team market will provide you with a higher per team gross income than any rec league and it worth the effort!

Inside this section you will also see the recommended vendors to print the products once you have branded them to your company brand!

Marketing materials

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8 Page All-Star & Travel Ball Playbook

The first item that you should always have in your hands when you approach a team is this playbook! With this playbook, you will be able to show your All-Star & Travel Ball teams exactly what you can do for them this season! Edit, change colors and photos in Photoshop!

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12 Page Banner Design Catalog

When your team asks you what designs you have to offer you need to be ready! With this 12 page catalog, you are ready to show them all of the designs you have and they can select the design they want that day! In this catalog, you will have pages that show the 4×8 Banner designs available from Photo Solutions Market. Edit the text, colors, and photos in Photoshop!

Order Forms & Envelopes

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11x17 Double Sided Photo Day Order Form

Be ready for your team on photo day with this awesome double sided order form for the parents to fill out and pay with! This order form is completely editable in 

photoshop. Change colors, text, and images to match what you want to offer and match your company branding at the same time!

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Photo Day Order Forms & Information Forms

We have thought of everything that you will need to take orders on photo day! Use these forms to collect information & payment! 

• 8.5×11 Team Banner Order Form

• 8.5×11 Team Banner Player Information Form 

• 8.5×11 Team Display Order Form

• 8.5×11 Panoramic Order Form

Meeting & Photo Day Set Up

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6' Curved Tension Fabric Display & Tablecloth

With this display you can setup at a team meeting or set it up at your league shoots to show what you can do for the All-Star & Travel Ball teams.  This display is a great 

companion with the 8-page Playbook!

Finish off your display with a matching table throw!  If you print through HYPE this table cover is made of 8.8 oz. polyester table fabric with rounded corners and hangs 

approximately 2″ above the floor. 

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(4) Marketing Display Banner Stands

If you get a meeting with multiple teams don’t just bring your playbook! Setup these awesome banner stands and show your teams what you can do for them this season! Each template is editable in Photoshop so you can change the text, images, and color scheme to be your own!

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(5) Team Banner Design Stands

When you are making a presentation to a group of teams, or just want to show off your designs on photo day for the banners and panoramics these stands really make a difference and impress your parents & coaches! You get 1 stand per volume of 

designs from PSM and this goes right along with the 12-page design catalog as well!

Pick-A-Pose Banner Stands

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Pick-A-Pose Banner Stand Templates

Always get the best poses on photo day with the Pick-A-Pose banner stands!  Have these setup at your shoot and your players simply choose a pose, it’s that simple! These stands are editable in Photoshop so you can change the colors and images to be your own photos and brand colors.

Bonus Templates

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Part of this marketing program talks about the new “Game Day Display” program for All-Star & Travel Ball teams. We have included the “FUSION” design for all of the items advertised so that you can get started right away! The Tents, Tent Walls, and Flags are all available with PSMHYPE.com and the sportswear shirts are available at RAMCO.

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Step=By-Step Video Tutorial Included

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