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How to Sell More Team Banners & Pano’s this Season?

I think most sports photographers are missing a lot team banner sales and other opportunities simply because the parents and coaches don’t think about us when it’s time to create their team banner. Many teams are having a mom on the team do a team shot and sending it to a local sign company to do the design and print the team banners.

To help increase team banners sales this season we have create an ad that will be included in every players SportsPress book this season. This will definitely help create awareness about the teamed banner program and you will be on their coaches and parents mind when it comes time to create that all-star banner. If if you aren’t using the SportsPress program and are still delivering traditional packages, this could also be an insert into every player’s picture package. Here’s a sample of the ad we created for this Spring season.

Sports Press Ad1 - Psu Education

Want to sell more team pano’s?

In the past most photographers and typically did the team banner and there wouldn’t be much in the way of additional sales. Which is really a shame since this is one of the coolest products we offer. We just need a cool product at the right price point to offer to the parents. This year we have created a new 6” x 18” framed pano prints that we can offer to the parents for $25 – $30 to generate add on sales. After all, the hardest part of the job is already done. You already did the photography and design work when you created the team banner, why not make this cool product available to the parents and create additional sales.

618 3 - Psu Education

Almost all of the All-Star teams (and travel teams) create a team banner to hang on the fence or the back of the dugout while playing. Hopefully this idea will help you generate additional sales towards the end of baseball season this year.

Do you have any cool ideas you have implemented to help increase team banners sales?

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