Photo Day Scheduling

Another question we've been getting I've been getting a lot  lately is around the amount of time to allow when scheduling teams for photo day. Since photos are typically scheduled around game time, you should make sure you're working directly with the leagues photo coordinator when scheduling your team pictures for photo day. Although we can typically photograph a baseball team in 7 minutes, our rule of thumb is to allow 15 minutes per team. Although, if we have a seasoned crew and a league we have photographed before we will schedule one team every 10 minutes. You can adjust accordingly for larger teams and your staff.

If you can photograph the team in 7 minutes why are you allowing 15 minutes? I'm glad you asked.… because it's inevitable that some teams will be late. The last thing you want to do on photo day get behind schedule. If you get behind schedule and have teaming delayed for their game it looks bad… and you are in jeopardy of losing that league. Yes, even if it’s not your fault. We will also err on the side of caution if we have a newer staff that isn't as fast as some of our more seasoned staff.

After talking with the photo coordinator we will typically do the schedule and she will let the teams and coaches know what time their team is schedule for team pictures. We will ask the teams to arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled time to give us time to organize the players and allow parents times to place orders, get change for the cashier etc.…

Here’s what the flow will look like. The number of players in the league and how fast they are coming at you will determine how many individual and team photographer you require for photo day.

1 Photographer Teams Per Hours Players Per Hours
1 team every 10 minutes 6 teams per hour 72 Players per hour


2 Photographers Teams Per Hours Players Per Hours
1 team every 5 minutes 12 teams per hour 144 Players per hour


Here's a sample of a 2 photographer schedule given to the league. This schedule is base on 1 team every 15 minutes.

Hope this was helpful… let me know if you have any questions.

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