For the last several months we have been living through times that none of us have ever had to experience. The reaction and savviness of photographers has been nothing short of amazing. Doing everything from yard signs and senior banners to porch portraits. Definitely a resilient group.

During this timeframe we have completely changed the way we work in an effort to control this virus. As part of this response, we changed where and how we work. With everyone working from home now, I have done more Zoom meetings in the last 60 days than I have ever done. Check out our blog post on 5 Essential Tools for Photographers Working Remote.

With an estimate 7.5 million businesses closing, what are you doing to make sure you are one of the ones to come out of this better than when it all started?

The estimates on how bad our recession is going to be range from GDP being down 25% to down 40% or more. The economic downturn is unlike any recession we’ve had in the past. Which means your response can't be the normal response to a down quarter or two, you must be proactive.

What Will Your Fall Season Look Like?

The global pandemic and the precautions required by most states has caused many studios to close, resulting in a deep recession due to the lack of economic activity. Very few businesses were unharmed by these actions, and some will not survive.

The senior yard signs this Spring was an overwhelming success and we had numerous photographers tell us that adding the yard signs and banners to their business this Spring saved their business. Our studio did over 100k in yard signs and senior banners and I know of many others that did the same.

While we have been going through this crisis, I've spent a lot of time on the phone with photographers the last several months and also working with our team and have come up with a couple new products we believe believe will have as big of an impact on your business this Fall and the yard signs and senior banners did this Spring.

What’s Next?

Introducing Face Mask and Neck Gaiters!

While wearing a mandated face mask in public might not be your your idea of fun, these new branded face mask may change your mind. This is the kind of social distancing we can get behind. Plus they look awesome and can provide some much needed cash flow before the Fall season starts.

You can market these to all of your sports leagues, schools and dance studios. Although, these aren’t just limited to the markets you currently serve. Every business and special interest group that wants to brand themselves and show support for their group is a prospect.

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Hopefully these new products will allow you to serve your existing schools and leagues, and in doing so replace lost revenue and creating new revenue opportunities. Here’s a few marketing ideas to get you jump started.

* Send direct marketing email campaigns to all the sports kids, dancers and students in your data base from the last several years.

* Market directly to any business that would like their employees to be branded and looking good when interacting with customers. Since everyone is required to wear a face covering, everyone from grocery stores to plumbers needs this. Offer to add their logo to one of the pre designed templates for a quick and easy customized look.

* What about fundraisers? Yes, every dance school and league is also way down in revenue from what has been going on in the world for the last 6 months. Reach out to your existing leagues and schools and make it a fundraiser for them.

* Don’t limit this marketing campaign to just existing customers. Reach out to all leagues and schools in your area and share with them what you are doing with your clients to ensure they survive the recession with as little damage as possible. Show them how you are putting these fundraising programs in place to help accelerate their recovery. Who knows, you may even get a new client for your efforts.


Looking for face mask and neck gaiters templates and designs? Check out these over at PSMGraphix: Face Mask & Neck Gaiters

Need fulfillment, check out DDLab’s Face Mask & Neck Gaiters:

Facemaskbanner2 Vapor 369Cdd748E3232B169D33Ffbcad6E880 800 - Psu Education

Right now, we have many clients who are struggling. When we have the ability to make things better, we are obligated to help, even if it’s just sharing ideas. I imagine you guys feel the same kind of obligation to your clients. I hope this helps.

Stay tuned for more posts on a recovery ideas for photographers that are tactical, practical and actionable. We are here to help photographers survive during these challenging times.

Please leave a comment below with any feed back and also let us know if you have any other cool new ideas that you have implemented during these crazy times.

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